Venro is a producer, purchaser, gatherer, and transporter of crude oil and natural gas throughout the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent and Northeast regions. A key to Venro's growing success in these regions has been our ability to understand and provide for the special needs of both the independent and large sophisticated oil and gas producer. Venro is dedicated to being a costumer focused, market driven organization, responsive to our customer's needs.

Our crude carriers are among the best known and most modernly equipped in the business. Venro's "no-cancel" policy ensures that all scheduled deliveries will be met timely and reported accurately without regard to company size or volumes involved. This has proven to be a prime consideration among producers in gaining Venro its reputation as a reliable provider of quality service.

For suppliers with restricted equipment invesment for handling crude oil production containing high amounts of water and impurities, commonly referred to as "BS&W", Venro has sophisticated treatment facilities strategically located throughout our active regions.
Venro understands the importance of benefits such as immediate cash flow for our suppliers, and thus, we had led the way in providing our suppliers with weekly payments for production purchases.
Venro continually reviews its contract commitments to provide the producer with the best available pricing options. Experienced in all aspects of markets trading, we can offer the most innovative marketing alternatives for our suppliers. In the myriad of regions wherein we maintain and active presence, Venro can accomodate crude oils possessing a wide range of specifications, to include gravity, pour point, sulfur content, distillation ranges, etc. Our long term supply contracts span several states, including Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma.

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