Recognizing the importance of providing energy price alternatives to its end-users customers, Venro has diversified its slate of alternatives energy sources to include coal and petroleum coke.

With regard to coal, Venro has utilized existing contacts as well as our capabilities in domestic and international petroleum products and gas liquids trading and distribution, and has acquired spot and long-term commitments os steam (thermal) and metallurgical (cokin) coal, as well as various coke products (met, foundry, pea and coke brezze).

From domestic and international sources, Venro arranges up to Panamex - size deliveries of coal.

Venro's coal strategy includes achieving competitive advantages through operating efficiencies and market grown in both domestic and foreign markets.
Management participates with federal and state agencies to ensure that sulphur emission standards and acid rain regulations are maintained. The utilization of low sulphur coal provides a cost-effective solution to this environmental concerns.


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