Through strong relations stablished with petroleum coke end-users, Venro markets premium anode (needle) coke, as well as green petroleum (fuel grade) coke, which constitutes the majority of Unites States petroleum coke production. Future business objectives include marketing calcined petroleum coke, which is often utilized by the carbon raiser, titanium oxide and other specialty markets.

Venro is registered as a minority-owned corporation with several state and local governments, as well as large industrial entities, to supply petroleum fuel, lubricants, and greases.
Originally centered around domestic market places, Venro's growing activities in lube oils and greases have expanded to include internationals shipments to various countries. To meet custom lube oils specifications, specialized blending and delivery are handled through various third party facilities.

Venro sources its Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) internationally and domestically, direct from producers in the field or from refineries involved in processing rew mix or crude oil. Domestically, third party processing provides Venro with a vehicle through which untreated field production of natural gas can be processed at a benefit to the producer and pipelines. Internationally, bulk shipments of butanes, propanes, pentanes, etc., are delivered to Venro's existing agreements on the U.S. East and Gulf Coast for izomerization processing, petrochemical application, or into products blending (e.g., gasoline).

Through constant fertilizer business involvement, Venro has procured spot and long term supplies of phosphate rock, urea, potash, sulphur, and other fertilizer products. An excellent trade commodity, fertilizer goods provide Venro many barter and counter trade opportunities with the diverse countries that Venro enjoys business arrangements.

The massive worldwide paper industry accounts for tremendous demand of raw materials, including woodchips (hard and soft wood), whose suppliers are dwindling each year.
Environmental concerns challenge existing wood cutting and lumber practices from historical production sites, which has resulted in a worldwide search for new supplies by the paper industry. Venro established itself as a woodchip supplier in 1991 and relies on suppliers that abide by existing environmental regulations.


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