Over the past six years, Venro has steadily grown to become a recognized force in petrochemicals and solvents. Currently, Venro serves the needs of large and small manufacturers involved in pharmaceuticals, papers, metals, printed products, textiles and more.

Our extensive contacts in oil and gas throughout the Western Hemisphere brought us an awareness of the vast opportunities that exist in matching the products of the manufacturers in one area with the needs of end-users in another area.

Venro technical expertise in logistics and handling os specialized products has proven invaluable in arranging safe and timely deliveries to meet our commitments.

As market circumstances dictate, Venro may opt to process various feedstocks (such as natural gas and LPG's) through fractionation agreements existing with various petrochemical entities on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Through these arrangements, we have the capability to blend custom products to meet our customer's product requirements.

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